Strategic workforce planning for a future proof organisation

Many organisations struggle with the execution of Strategic Workforce Planning (SWP). In order to have a good SWP it is essential to have the right data – preferably gathered over several years – and to be able to analyse these data. In practice HR analytics offers the possibility to concretely shape up SWP.

HR systems that are able to run a scenario based upon the existing data, create the possibility to gain insight into the qualitative and quantitative gaps in the organisation.

SWP is essential to any ambitious organisation. Skilled and involved staff can make the difference for an organisation, but qualitative and quantitative under- and overstaffing may actually be a threat.

Using SWP you gain insight into turnover (in stream-outflow) of staff and the long term needs of the organisation. With Strategic Workforce Planning you prepare the organisation for the future and you respond faster to changes in the market.

Strategic Workforce Planning with solid basis
Data are of great importance to SWP. Because our HR software offers an integrated SWP application in which all the HR data converses and combines and analyses all the human related data, HR is henceforth able to easily and uniquely give substance to SWP.
Our HR software on the one hand helps to map out positions, skills, competence and structure of the organisation, and on the other hand helps to anticipate threatening staff shortage. It’sallabout answers questions like “what does our organisation look like in five years?” “Have I covered all positions?” “What measures are needed to make the organisation future proof?”

It’sallabout offers HR the potential to give substance to Strategic Workforce Planning in an accessible, concrete and simple manner.