Our E-HRM solution helps HR to better interpret and boost HR processes

Our E-HRM solution cannot be compared to traditional HR systems that stop at digitizing processes and documents. All too often, traditional HR software tools focus on the HR expert and fail to make HR processes faster, better or even to facilitate them.
Not only the HR expert but also the worker and the manager perceive the HR software as being not user friendly or useful. We maintain a different user definition. To us the best HR software is truly built for the actual user, i.e. not only the HR professional but the employees and managers as well. We strive towards our E-HRM solution being a truly indispensible tool for everybody in the organisation who wants to be involved in performance and development.

Central HR Datawarehouse for valuable HR analysis and reports
All HR data from our E-HRM solution are coupled with other data from different HR systems like the payroll systems. Our E-HRM solution translates these data into valuable HR analysis and reports. The HR analytics tool is accessible and easy to use for the HR department without the interference or dependence on the IT or BI department.

Flexible E-HRM solution made to fit

Our E-HRM solution has to fit in with the HR processes and wishes of your organisation, not the other way around. A good fit with the current HR processes and structure of an organisation always demands customising or smart configurations.

Our HRM solution is developed in such manner that the modules and associated HR processes and documents are easy to accommodate. This makes our E-HRM solution flexible. We highly prioritize the development of the in-house managing of the system. In our opinion we should not primarily make money from billable advice and programming. When adaptations are required, it should be quickly and easily available.

The experience and feedback of HR executives, HR managers, managers and employees determine how and which modules we build. Users have a direct influence on our roadmap.